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What Every Nonprofit Needs to Do in 2022 to Raise Funds, Recruit Volunteers on Facebook & Instagram

Fundraising on Facebook and Instagram attracts new donors who turn into recurring givers. According to the The State of Modern Philanthropy Report, 87% of donors who first donate from a social referral source make their second donation from a social referral source. And 88% of donors who have given through Facebook Charitable Tools are likely to do it again in the future according to the Global Trends in Giving Report.

Clearly, fundraising on Facebook and Instagram must be a cornerstone of a campaign. Changing algorithms restrict who sees your posts asking for donations. With this in mind, here are 2 things you must do to make sure your ask is visible.

Become a verified charity on Facebook

Going through the process of being verified on Facebook to collect donations opens up a suite of tools for your Facebook page fans to host peer-to-peer campaigns. To start the process, go to The turnaround is a few weeks after you submit the required documentation. After you are verified, you can execute a campaign to let your fans and followers know they can host fundraisers!

Feature social video as a campaign centerpiece

Live video and short videos called “reels” are the types of content that get the most engagement organically! In fact, “reels” which are 30 to 60-second videos are the hottest forms of content right now for attracting traffic.

For your fundraising campaigns, here are some ideas for videos:

  • Announce your campaign goal and how you plan to use those funds on a live video. Edit the video into shorter videos for reels.

  • Update your fans and followers with your campaign progress.

  • Set up live interviews with donors and those who have been impacted by your services.

  • Edit those live interviews into a series of shorter videos for your fundraising campaign

  • Thank donors in a live video. Edit for short videos! (Make sure donors are OK with this.)

And just because no one is watching when you go live doesn’t mean no one is going to see your video. Give it time for your video to be viewed. You will be surprised at how many people will watch your reel. One of my clients, Poetry for Personal Power, generated over 1,000 views for a reel. The reel was an edited version of a longer-form video. The reel also attracted new followers to the account. Here are # ideas for reels:

Mission: Tell viewers what your mission is for your nonprofit. Don’t take it for granted that people know what your nonprofit does. Do a 30 to 60 second video about your nonprofit’s mission.

History: Share a short story of your history.

Purpose: What’s the purpose of your nonprofit?

Impact: Repurpose testimonial videos into short 30 to 60 second versions.

Services: Explain your services. This could be a live reel or a pre-produce short video.

Events: Promote an event!

Behind-the-scenes: Take your fans and followers behind-the-scenes at your office or a project you’re working on.

Here’s a checklist for a successful live reel:

Practice before you do a live reel.

Hype up your energy and be more animated in your delivery.

Write an outline of the main points you want to cover on an index card or piece of paper and have it in front of you to help you stay on point.

Write the caption on your smartphone’s note pad with relevant hashtags so all you have to do is copy and paste from your note pad to Instagram or Facebook.

Set the timer to 10 seconds so you have more time to prepare.

Experiment with filters to make the video more interesting to look at.

▢ Go live and have fun! Smile!

Download the reel you like so you can share it on your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube!

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